Hi Susan

I am an LLMD in (state) and recently had a patient make great strides with your protocol. I would like to try it with more of my patients, but many of them are very nervous about stopping all antimicrobials and just using cinnamon oil. Do you know if it still works with other herbal or prescription antimicrobials. If not, do you have an idea of why it only works by itself?

Thanks so much!
my response....
"The Cinnamon is simply amazing :)

Check out some info at cinnamonoilprotocol.blogspot.com

We have a great closed group that started about a year ago on FB. 

I was very fortunate to have a young man from Quebec Canada who had the Asian Lyme try the Cinnamon.

The Cinnamon worked for him!  He is of a brilliant mind getting his PHD with some kind of atom splicing and something to do with prehistoric stuff :)  LOL  Way beyond me.  But he has explained why the Cinnamon works.

Basically, the molecules are tiny enough to get into the Biofilms, Cysts, and even the Blood Brain Barrier.

We were also very fortunate to have found the BEST Cinnamon ever testing out at 185 frequencies.

Our whole family of 6 was very very sick with my middle daughter missing 4 years of schooling from having Babesia, in which we are endemic with per the CDC.  The only thing she did was the Cinnamon for about 4 months and she just finished her first year back at school.  Last year she tested out at a 3rd grade level and this year at 9th and 10th grade.  She was having petite mal seizures so much that they said she had a seizure disorder.  They are 98% gone.

I unknowlingly had Bartonella since 1989.  My wonderful husband got sick 3 years ago with Bartonella and unknowingly reinfection.  Because we lucked out and got with the right people it solved the whole puzzle for the entire family :)

Bought a rife.  It helped but learned quickly it doesn't make it all go away.  So the sense of pending doom lingers until we found out about the Cinnamon.  And THANK GOD!! :)