Monday, August 5, 2013

Bartonella or Pandas?

Bartonella or Pandas?

Which came first is an important question...

A good friend of ours called me and was in complete despair.  She was saying, "Our daughter hates us!  She hates her Grandparents!  She has no respect for anyone in her family.  In school, at work, other places she is perfectly fine and no one would think she turns into this other person at home!!

There is no boundaries on what she says to us.  The farther she inserts the verbal knife the better she feels.  There are never any apologies. We don't know what to do!"

 Our family has had battled with Bartonella for 15 years and just found out last year the name to this CRAZY DISEASE - Bartonella!  Finally ANSWERS!  Awareness is EVERYTHING.  NOT KNOWING IS DISASTROUS! 

This video put out by the Truther Girls on You Tube explains it pretty well. The Truther Girls video explains that PANDAS, Pediatric Auto Neurological Disorder Association Syndrome, caused the child, especially entering into Puberty, to be extremely angry or noncompliant at HOME.  That is where they unleash!  Most often times the parents are looked at as being incapable of being GOOD parents or are even blamed for abusing their child.....otherwise, WHY would this child be so messed up?

The Truther Girls video was a God Send, a real answer to our prayers.  It made us understand better what she was going through and put into perspective what the whole picture looked to others.  CRAZY!  Only wish there were doctors who understand.  All the doctors where we live, where Bartonella is SAID to be EPIDEMIC, haven't even heard of the word Bartonella!

If you want help, run don't walk to a LLMD, Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.  There will be no more misdiagnosing, no unnecessary Psychotic meds, no BS, just the truth from a very well Lyme Disease / Bartonella doctor who knows the TRUTH and will tell you the TRUTH!

Here is a great link about people talking about rage in adults and children caused from Lyme Disease and Bartonella.

I also read that Ammonia is a byproduct of all those nasty bacteria and bugs that go along with Lyme Disease and Bartonella.  Here is another article that discusess how to naturally help control the rage common in people with Tick Born Diseases.

Hope this HELPS:)

We'll pray for your family, please pray for ours <3

For a LLMD near you please contact and they will send you 3 local Lyme Literate Medical Doctors near you:)

God Bless!  Have Faith!  And please spread the word to end this maddening and ruthless disease!!! <3 <3 <3

Susan Long