Saturday, May 24, 2014

Iraq Soldier Veterans Committing Suicide every 20 MINUTES - Linked to BARTONELLA

Bartonella Henslae

Linked to our Men and Women coming back from Iraq. 
It is said they are committing Suicide every 20 minutes. 
So why the Epidemic of Suicides now....
It's a matter of Sand Fleas spreading the Bartonella Bacteria among many of the Soldiers over in Iraq...

This is life changing information for many!!  Think about it.  This bacteria will not go away with counseling.  You can't will it away.  There is treatment!!


  • Symptoms:
    • severe agitation
    • anxiety
    • panic attacks
    • easily upset and angry
    • aggressive behavior
    • confusion
    • feeling disconnected
    • overly sensitive or critical
    • sometimes extreme fear and panic
    • morbid thoughts
    • homicidal feelings
    • depression
    • memory loss
    • disorientation
    • brain fog
    • Obsessive/compulsive
    • dementia
    • severe rage
    • severe mood swings
    • anti social behaviour
    • decreased coping
    • irritability
    • impulsivity
    • violent behavior
    • Combative behavior
    • Substance abuse 
    A friend on our group "Clark Kent" added that ...
    It's a rarity if one actually tests positive with 'standard tests' for Lyme. And it'd be a bloody miracle if one would actually get a positive result for co-infections..... (ie - a rarity, of a rarity!)

    The main problem with most of the common tests out there, is that they are all antibody tests. While the antibodies seem to only be produced for a finite time, and unfortunately are 'very' strain specific.

    So in the case of Bartonella for example, most of the existing tests out there only test for the antibodies that get produced by a 'few' strains for the better quality tests, and by 1 strain for the inferior quality tests.

    Even if you have that exact strain of bartonella - it's very much like flipping a coin as to whether or not you'll receive a positive result or not..... While if you have one of the dozens of 'other' strains of bartonella which aren't tested for, you'll get a guaranteed 'negative' result.

    Here is a shorty story.  Mine.  Ski Bum hanging out in Aspen, CO with really no problems to speak of except maybe not enough snow days.  Maybe too much of too much in Aspen as it is, well, Aspen! 

    Well, that ALL ended overnight, when one day I felt like I suddenly stepped off the cliff of the Grand Canyon.  24/7 Anxiety.  This was 24 years ago and I realized OMG this is what the War Vets must feel.  I never been to war, never had anything HORRIFIC happen but several years later I was diagnosed with PTS, Post Traumatic Stress. 

    This happened in 1989.  We had been over in Bali, Indonesia when the Bartonella went into gear.  After 2 months on Bali, I mentioned to my boyfriend at the time, of the thoughts I had been having.  Awful, horrendous, never thought of THOUGHTS!  I was scared to death.....

    Paul looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I've been feeling like that since a kid".  OH LORD!!  Not realizing Paul had grown up in Pennsylvania, AKA EAST COAST, PRIME TO LYME Disease and Co-infections... I decided Paul was NUTS and couldn't help this situation.  So there went out 3 year relationship....POOF!  Gone. 

    Anyhow, 18 months ago in 2012 my Husband came down with Lyme Disease and Bartonella.  Very, very, very sick.  Thank GOD!  Literally GOD as I was introduced to Mike Nickel, who is founder of Wisconsin Lyme Network and invited down to Milwaukee to finally put together the Bartonella Puzzle.

    If you feel your Family Member has these signs please get them ASAP to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, LLMD.  Don't waste your time on Physicians, Disease Specialists, even Neurologists do NOT have a clue on Lyme Disease!!!

    Added note on what worked for our family....Here is another BONUS - Cinnamon Oil Leaf from Sri Lanka is proving to eradicate ALL Tick Born Diseases by taking 2 drops a day for 90 to 120 days.  Our whole family was infected and now I believe we are Healed/Healing as we started at different times. 



    IT IS LIFE!!

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