Tuesday, February 12, 2013

CRAZY or do you have Bartonella?

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 I'm a stay-at-home Mom of 4 and my dedication is helping spread the word on this devastating disease.   Thanks and God Bless!

One day you are travelling right along in your multi-tasking life, raising your children, being a good wife making dinners, feeding the family pooch, decorating for holidays, kissing boo-boos feeling like a million bucks!  Life couldn't get any better.....

Then WHAM!  Don't pass go Don't collect $200 you wake up the next day and you take a breath of air in and realize OH NO!!! 

Panic sets in.  Not your typical panic attacks of say 1 to 2 minutes long these are the panic attacks that RAVAGE your BODY and never leave!!

You think to yourself???  Can you be Sane one day and Insane the next??

You think to yourself???  Is this how people go NUTS????

The more you worry, the more you realize that you can't take care of your family, that your children can't possible do without you and need you sooo much, the more the anxiety pours in, the more Bartonella ravages your mind and body. 

Bartonella hits you when you are very stressed, when you've encountered sudden tragedy with losing someone dear to you, being in an accident, anything that sets you off track.  It is like a thief in the night that comes and takes your sense of self, your being "with it" that is so easily taken for granted, especially when it's gone.  It's like slipping on the ice, falling backwards, and whoommfff!  Smack!  No rewind, no redo's, here it is "Bartonella"!

At the time when people are hit with Bartonella they have NO IDEA of what has hit them.  Most likely the average Bartonella victim will see tens of doctors and never get a correct diagnosis.  They will be told they are suffering from anxiety and they will continue to dig deeper and deeper.  You'll hear words that you never dreamt would be linked with your name.  Psychotic, manic depression, bipolar, OCD, Post Traumatic Stress and on and on and on will be the inaccurate diagnoses the doctors will throw at you.

Sound familiar???  Either you already know you have Bartonella or maybe you are thinking hmmmm???? 

Bartonella can stay with you for years and decades and stay in dormancy a majority of that time.  Looking back I realized I contracted Bartonella Hinslae back in 1989.  I know exactly when, where, how, and with all the people that God has put in my life to help put the Bartonella puzzle together I also am getting a good idea of the WhY!

Every story pertaining to Bartonella Disease is amazing, full of drama and horror and never, never boring!  Since I've been putting my Bartonella puzzle together I have been talking to more and more people.  You'd be amazed how many people out there have Bartonella and have no idea.  But when they put their own boggling mental puzzle together they get a huge sense of relief!

"Wow!  You mean I'm not CRAZY??  You mean to tell me all this S**T is caused from a Bacteria??"  Instant relief!  Your sense of self suddenly has been picked up out of the trash compactor and rebuilt.  You start to see how your life and family have been mutilated by the unknown, by Bartonella!

One way that Bartonella Henslae does show itself is by ugly ragged stretch marks.  These stretch marks appear on skinny people, those who are in shape, obese, tall, short, young, old, these stretch marks appear and they are ugly!  You think to yourself looking at the stretch marks, not knowing they are caused from the bacteria of Bartonella, "Wow"!

These are some of the neurological symptoms. 

Brain inflammation
causes behavior changes;
-severe rage
-anxiety- panic attacks
-easily upset
-severe mood swings
- irritability
-Combative behavior
-noise intolerance
Whenever Limbic brain is inflamed it manifests
psychiatric symptoms


Don't let your child, husband, wife, mother, father go another day untreated or undiagnosed if they have a Tick Borne Illness.  ACT TODAY!

Spread the Word to end this Insane Bacteria!  Bartonella Henslae!

Awareness is LIFE choosing to LIVE IT! <3