Friday, November 8, 2013

Is Bartonella EATING Your Teeth?? Easy remedy Colloidal Silver

Is Bartonella EATING Your Teeth??

Lord have Mercy!!  There is nothing worse than having your children scream in pain as their teeth are being annihilated by cavities!!  

You are thinking, WTH!!  Four years old and at least 10 cavities, some abscessed!  Up every night feeling soooo frustrated as you just came back from the dentist's office within the last few days????

I asked our Dentist if Bartonella had anything to do with his decaying teeth.  My daughter also had a mouthful of teeth that were decaying quicker than you could imagine possible.  The Dentist hadn't even heard of Bartonella and knew that nothing could make your teeth decay other than drinking juice, pop, or not brushing.


People with Lyme Disease often ask if Lyme Disease or any other tick born diseases have anything to do with decaying teth

God must have given me the "light bulb" sudden thought to have our son, who was screaming in pain, to swish with Colloidal Silver.  I knew Colloidal Silver, when nebulized, healed the most extreme cases of Pneumonia.  We also use it for eye infections, also caused from Bartonella, ear infections, and any scary cuts or rashes.

It was a miracle!!  He swished twice a day for a couple of days and that was the end of the Bartonella Cooties!!  No more tooth decay!!  My son no longer screamed in agonizing pain.  He has been fine ever since and that has been 8 months ago.

I met a woman who knew of Bartonella and how it effected adults and childrens teeth.  She works for a holistic dentist and they see Bartonella quite often, so often that they sell Colloidal Silver in their office!  Hooray!!   There is hope out there!!  

It is my hope that all you who are questioning that tooth decay might be related to Bartonella, Lyme Disease, or any tick born disease, that God will bring you to my blog. <3

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